Summit: Day 2 Agenda

2023 CALTCM Summit for Excellence
Day 2: Friday, November 3, 2023 - Leading to Achieve Excellence

 Length (Minutes) 7:30 AM Registration/Exhibits Open
5 8:00 AM Welcome & Introductions
20 8:05 AM Presentation of the 2023 Dan Osterweil Outstanding Leader in Post Acute and Long Term Care Award
    Award Recipient: Charlene Harrington, Ph.D. RN
45 8:25 AM Keynote: The Future of Medicine: Advances in Technology (ChatGPT)
    Speaker: Ethan Watters
    Learning Objectives:
    1. Discuss three technologies that may impact future of long-term care.
    2. Demonstrate at least one use of ChatGPT in long-term care.
35 9:10 AM Person-Centered Care: Deinstitutionalize Your Facility
    Speaker: Keith Savell, PhD
    Learning Objectives:
    1. Discuss opportunities to deinstitutionalize the environment (floor plans, common areas, paint/flooring/furniture, reducing alarms/quieter call technology).
    2. Identify opportunities to personalize resident’s room and personal space.
    3. Develop opportunities to deinstitutionalize the dining experience and other daily activities to feel more homey and pleasant.
    4. Review opportunities to deinstitutionalize activities and pleasant events – have activities across age ranges, cognitive level, indoor and outdoor activities, etc.
  9:45 AM Break/Exhibits (30 Minutes)
60 10:15 AM Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine: Interventions for Common SNF Conditions
    Speaker: Raymond J. Hruby, DO, MS, FAAO
    Learning Objectives:
    1. List the tenets of osteopathic medicine.
    2. Describe how these tenets apply in the treatment of some common SNF conditions. 
    3. Recognize the benefits of osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) in the treatment of patients with SNF conditions.
35 11:15 AM Best Practices in PALTC: Discovering the Latest Trends and Innovations
    Speaker: Rebecca Ferrini, MD, MPH, CMD
    Learning Objectives:
    1. Describe how an organization can set up an environment to facilitate innovations
    2. Describe two innovative practices employed by PALTC providers and how they were implemented
    3. Identify two areas where innovative ideas are needed in PALTC
  11:50 AM Break/Exhibits
  12:00 PM Product Theater: (No CME) Lunch Break (45 Minutes)
45 1:00 PM Antipsychotic Use in LTC: Why & Why Not?
    Speakers: George Woods, MD, LFAPA and Glen Xiong, MD, CMD
    1. Identify diagnosis or symptoms that may justify use of antipsychotics
    2. Define diagnostic criteria for bipolar, schizophrenia, psychosis NOS, and dementia related behavioral disturbance.
    3. Discuss benefits and limitations of current treatment for a psychotic disorders.
    4. Discuss utility of antipsychotics for use in aggression. 
10 1:45 PM In-The-Trenches: Topics and Speakers
    1. Ask Me Anything: Clinical Quandaries; George Woods, MD, LFAPA and Glen Xiong, MD, CMD
2. Ask Me Anything: Stump the Medical Director; Rebecca Ferrini, MD, MPH, CMD
 and Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD, HMDC
3. Making it Feel Like Home: Person-Centered Care Initiatives; 
Keith Savell, PhD
4. Personal Wearables & ChatGPT; 
Ethan Watters
5. Billing and Coding; 
Alex Bardakh, MPP
45 1:55 PM In-The-Trenches: Round 1 (See topics & speakers noted above.)
45 2:40 PM In-The-Trenches: Round 2 (See topics & speakers noted above.)
  3:25 PM Break/Exhibits (35 Minutes)
45 4:00 PM Federal Regulatory Updates
    Speaker: Alex Bardakh, MPP
    Learning Objectives:
    1. Discuss latest federal legislative and regulatory developments.
    2. Discuss quality reporting strategies that align with clinical practice and facility reporting requirements.
    3. Identify current value-based medicine reporting requirements, including MIPS, APMs SNF VBP.
30 4:45 PM California Regulatory Updates
    Speaker: Michael R. Wasserman, MD, CMD
    Learning Objectives:
    1. Identify at least three new laws, regulations, or guidelines which impact your long term care practice.
    2. Review annual updates to the Consent Manual.
    3. Describe at least three areas which are hot spots for new regulations. 
0 5:15 PM Poster Session: & Cocktail Reception
  6:45 PM Adjourn