CALTCM White Papers

California’s nursing home residents have faced an ongoing humanitarian crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nursing home residents constitute less than one percent of the population but account for a wildly disproportionate percent of California deaths from COVID-19.  We have a responsibility to weigh in on important and topical matters that impact the long term care continuum.

Our public policy committee develops White Papers from time to time with the intention of making recommendations based on evidence-based literature.  CALTCM’s Board of Directors approves these White Papers before we publish them on our website.

From CALTCM's Vision Statement:

CALTCM is the medical voice for long term care in California.  We value excellent and individualized medical care, a team approach, and the integration of medical science with personalized care. CALTCM exists to:

  • Provide quality education for long term care professionals;
  • Promote effective medical leadership;
  • Promote ethical delivery of care;
  • and, Promote the rights of patients.

If you are interested in joining CALTCM's Public Policy Committee, please email [email protected].

CALTCM White Papers