Prioritizing Self-Care

Support your OWN well-being while you learn to enhance others’ at this year’s 2023 CALTCM Summit for Excellence

As healthcare professionals, we spend a great deal of time considering the pillars of physical and mental well-being – often for those under our care.  Both are extremely important to one’s overall health, however, they are not the only pillars of well-being we strive to nurture in our patients as well as in our own self-care.   Other pillars of well-being include social health and intellectual health.

And good news!  Participating in this year’s CALTCM Summit for Excellence can fill your cup for both these pillars of well-being!

Social well-being: take advantage of connecting with others at the 2023 CALTCM Summit for Excellence in November!

Cultivating human connection is just as important to one’s social wellness as physical activity and eating nutritious foods is to physical wellness.  In our industry, we know better than most that loneliness has reached an all-time high.  This is true not just for facility-based residents – but for all Americans.  Social well-being relies on opportunities to maintain healthy relationships with others and interact in positive ways with others.

Interacting in a fun and meaningful way with others at this year’s summit is a great way to support your self-care and enhance your social wellness. You will have the opportunity to interact with old friends and colleagues, make new friends and colleagues, and engage socially with warm, passionate individuals who share your commitment to improving long-term care and enhancing the lives of those in our care.

Intellectual well-being: open your mind to new ideas and experiences at the CATCM Summit for Excellence in November!

Engaging in activities that promote your intellectual well-being also supports your self-care and overall holistic wellness.  This pillar of well-being focuses on engaging in creative and stimulating activities that help to expand your knowledge and skills.  This is literally the essence of the CALTCM summit – which can help you grow and expand your knowledge in a way that positively impacts the many lives you touch (in addition to your own).  The 2023 Summit is interactive and covers an array of topics, stretching you to grow and learn, and use your mental abilities in meaningful ways.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to register for this year’s conference and mindfully engage in the various opportunities for social and intellectual wellness it brings.  Take a moment to recall the last time you attended a professional conference in person, with positive, compassionate, fun, and bright colleagues.  Recall how your cup felt fuller and how you left the conference with new ideas, energy, and enthusiasm.  Those benefits are just a few short hours away!

Register now.

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