Revised Long-Term Care Surveyor Guidance for October 24, 2022

As a member of the California Partnership to Improve Dementia Care, I was made aware of updated surveyor guidance issued by CMS Director of Quality, Safety, and Oversight Group (QSO-22-19-NH found at: ). In this update, there are significant revisions for management of abuse and neglect, managing mental health disorders, and clarifying resident readmission and visitation rights. For dementia care, surveyors have new guidance for assessing possible inaccurate diagnosis or coding of schizophrenia, which may have led to the unnecessary prescribing of antipsychotic medications. When other medications are used off label as psychotropic medications, these medications will be subject to the psychotropic medication prescribing requirements. 
Training resources are available not only for surveyors, but also for providers at:
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