Helpful Resource for Federal and State Guidance

We are in our fifth COVID surge, and my head is spinning with the rapidly evolving federal, state, and local guidance.  Wouldn’t it be nice to visit a platform that tracks all the guidance in a convenient location?  

ClearPol ( ) has developed an easy to use tool for quickly accessing past and current federal and state guidance for Health and Safety Code, CMS Survey Resources and Checklists, Title 22 SNF Regulations, AFLs, PINs, QSO Memos, and F-tags.  

Jennifer Wieckowski , MSG, Senior Executive Director of Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG), California’s Medical Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) included information on this resource during the November 3 and 4 2021, Statewide Skilled Nursing Facility Infection Prevention webinar hosted by CDPH, HSAG, CALTCM, AND CAHF.  In a recent communication, she says she uses this site daily to research and compare AFLs and to keep up with evolving guidance to assist nursing homes and corporations.  This site fills a much-needed gap and is a huge timesaver.  HSAG has nicely demonstrated the value of this product in slides 9-11 of their November 3, 2021 SNF Infection Prevention Webinar ( ). 

This platform is funded by venture capital, which allows it to be free for the end user.  Here is a link to a tutorial video:

To learn more about this platform, contact Arash Hosseni Jafari M.S., CEO of Clearpol Inc. at [email protected],  or 323-701-1031.

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