An Interview With New CALTCM CEO David Quackenbush

The CALTCM Wave would like to take a few moments and introduce you to CALTCM’s new CEO, David Quackenbush.  Many of you have had the pleasure of being virtually introduced to David during the April 19 webinar, and below David shares more about his background and his vision for CALTCM.

CALTCM: What is your background and why lead an association?

David: I am a seasoned nonprofit executive with an over 20-year track record of advocating for access to health care services for ethnically diverse communities throughout California. 

I have served in several C-Suite level positions focused on advocacy, strategy and business development. I have led multiple nonprofit regional and statewide associations focused on the development, execution and communication of business success strategies and resources resulting in new site and product development, multiple private and nonprofit mergers and continuous growth in clients, members and resources. 

I have guided statewide nonprofit membership organizations as the Chief Executive Officer, Vice President of Member Services and part of an Executive Team providing strategic visioning and leadership development and I am adept at building an organization while implementing the Board of Directors’ vision, goals and objectives.  

I thrive working with a passionate Board of Directors and enjoy the teamwork to problem solve and be creative. CALTCM’s Board of Directors are passionate clinical leaders that I look forward to learning from and working with. 

CALTCM: Why are you passionate about CALTCM’s Mission? 

David: CALTCM fills the gap in advocating for clinical quality in California’s long term care system. CALTCM is the medical voice of long term care in California and we value excellent and individualized medical care, a team approach and the integration of medical science with personalized care. 

As CALTCM members witnessed first hand, COVID-19 dramatically impacted long term care residents and facilities and CALTCM’s leadership was the first to focus on the pandemic’s effect on the quality of care and highlight the need to focus on the residents through public relations, education and public policy efforts.  With my association background, it is a great opportunity to support this leadership by helping to navigate and grow CALTCM’s impact in increasing the clinical quality in long term care.

CALTCM: What is your vision for CALTCM?

David: CALTCM is the organization of choice for long term care clinical leadership throughout California and we are looking forward to growing our membership and partnerships throughout the long term care system welcoming clinician leaders of all types into our organization including physicians, medical directors, nurses, pharmacists, administrators and other professionals working in long term care.

CALTCM will continue to:

·     Provide quality education for long term care professionals;

·     Promote effective medical leadership and the ethical delivery of care; and

·     Support the rights of patients.

As the new CEO of CALTCM, my directive and focus are on 1) membership growth to include the breadth of long term care clinical leaders; 2) resource development to sustain the organization’s mission; and 3) advocacy for patients and the health care professionals that care for them.

I have spent decades working on association advocacy, strategy development and leadership initiatives to support and grow membership focused on the organization’s mission and CALTCM provides an exciting opportunity to continue this work.

CALTCM:  David, thank you for taking the time to share your focus with our audience.  CALTCM is looking forward to working with you. 

We hope our readers enjoyed getting to know our new CEO!  If you have any questions, or would like to get more involved with CALTCM, email [email protected]

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