As a clinician, we are often thanked by our patients and staff. This is such a beautiful and simple way of acknowledging and appreciating others. I have always been surprised with how wonderful I have felt when a little appreciation is shown. Gratitude in our daily lives for others is so important not only for the person receiving, but even more for the person who is saying thanks.  Actions of humility have more benefit to our well being than getting ego-boosts. When we take an active role in our lives to be thankful, it puts us in a higher frequency with the universe. 

So, what can we be thankful for? How about the little things in our daily life like smelling fresh coffee, attention from your pet, having deep conversations, the sound of rain, walking through nature and so on. Our awareness in the moment, our willingness to use our senses – even if it is just for a few moments – reduces our stress, increases our positive frequency with others and within ourselves, in turn increasing our own happiness. Our minds are full of so many tasks and information. But gratitude pushes us into the moment. 

Yes, we have many things to do and we can’t ignore them. But, taking time to be aware, to be thankful for each moment will allow us to enjoy moments of our day, in turn making our day more satisfying. It will increase the positivity we carry and remove the bitterness, the irritability, the feeling of not being satisfied or complete in our presence in this world. Gratitude helps us overcome challenges. Giving ourselves time to adapt to a new structure, a new way of being as in learning to be more thankful also requires patience and kindness to ourselves. 

But, it starts with being thankful. We can say thanks for our food before eating. We can take time to thank someone for the hard work they do, tirelessly. We can lend a helping hand to others. We can compliment someone and help boost their day. So, realize even as we are refueling others, we are also filling up our own empty tank. 

Other ways that can be considered are keeping a journal where you can note any big or small joys of the day. You can write down three good things that have gone well for you and identify their cause. Or think about the people who have inspired you and what was most significant about them. There are many ways to have gratitude. Wishing you the best in your journey.

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