Spring Forward: CALTCM Annual Meeting Moves to October

CALTCM typically holds its Annual Meeting in April, sandwiched between the Annual Meetings of the American Geriatrics Society and AMDA.  For those of us in the field of Geriatrics and Post Acute and Long Term Care, it can get kind of crazy. This year, we’re trying something different.  We’ve moved the Annual Meeting to October 8-10, 2020. This also gives us more time to promote the meeting and work on growing our membership.

CALTCM is at an important crossroads in our history.  The PALTC continuum is facing numerous challenges. With challenges come opportunities.  We pride ourselves on being a truly interdisciplinary organization, and we are looking forward to fully embracing that concept as we move forward.  One of my favorite QAPI education points is that no single member of the QAPI team is better than or more important than another. Each member of the team has valuable information and expertise to share.  I feel the same way about CALTCM. Caring for frail older adults in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or in their homes requires expertise in many disciplines. We are better for the breadth of knowledge and experience that lives in our organization.  Pharmacists, nurses, psychologists, therapists, social workers and physicians are all critical to the successful delivery of what I like to call the Geriatrics Approach to Care. 

In that spirit, it’s time to start thinking about Best Practices!  The Annual Meeting has had a Best Practice component for several years, and we all look forward to it.  There’s never a reason to reinvent the wheel. CALTCM wants to be at the forefront of sharing Best Practices, and this is part of that commitment.  If you’re involved with a Best Practice in your facility, please submit it for the Annual Meeting. We even give awards to the top three Best Practices!

Also, don’t forget CALTCM’s Third Annual Medicolegal Summit, which this year will be included in the registration fees for our October meeting.  This meeting will feature lively discussion from experts including plaintiffs’ and defense attorneys on sample legal and regulatory cases relevant to PALTC practice.  All of us who practice in PALTC are targets of elder abuse lawsuits and regulatory sanctions, and this meeting will help us create prudent, safe processes for care and documentation to improve our patient care and reduce liability.

Save the Date: CALTCM Summit for Excellence - October 8-10, 2020 at the Pacific Palms Resort.

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