PDPM at CALTCM’s Summit for Excellence

The Patient Driven Payment Model, or PDPM, will go into effect on October 1, 2019.  It is far and away the biggest change to hit post acute care since Prospective Payment in the 1990’s.  Anyone who was around then should recall that most of the publicly traded nursing home chains went into bankruptcy.  That could happen again!

The CALTCM Annual meeting provides 2 days of programs that will help prepare facilities for PDPM. The industry will be focusing primarily on getting physicians to document all of the ICD-10 codes necessary to maximize reimbursement. This could also lead to facilities accepting more residents with very high levels of complexity. This provides all the more reason to understand how to effectively and appropriate care for these complex patients.

One of the advantages of the new payment model is that it is not focused on minutes of therapy.  The fact that reimbursement has been tied to therapy minutes has long been an artificial construct this has not been evidence-based. Those of us in the field of geriatrics know that caring for highly complex frail older adults requires teamwork and a comprehensive approach to care.  That care isn’t just about therapy, procedures, or medications. It’s a lot more than that. 

If you want to assure that you’re facility is prepared for PDPM, you don’t want to miss this years annual meeting!  Encourage other members of your team to join you, as success will truly be a team effort! Check out the 2019 CALTCM Summit for Excellence now: Click here


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