Meet the BOD: Dr. Albert Lam

CALTCM:  Brief background of your training, practice setting and how many years you have been in practice.

Dr. Lam:  I have been in practice for seven years post fellowship.  I have done consult work, hospitalist work, and mostly nursing facility care, post-acute and long-term.

CALTCM: What are you passionate about in post-acute/ long term care?  How are you pursuing your passion?

Dr. Lam:  I'm passionate about making long-term care a real solution in the healthcare continuum, desirable for both workers and patients and their families.

One of the projects I'm working on is called SNF 2.0. This project grew from my desire of making nursing facilities fulfill the potential of becoming a place that provides a rewarding career for staff, and is a deliverer of excellent care for the community.

CALTCM: What advice would you give to a new graduate contemplating a career in long-term care?

Dr. Lam:  Long-term care has many wonderful challenges that needs your new graduate passion and enthusiasm to find solutions to.

CALTCM: What additional training do you wish you had that may help with your current practice?

Dr. Lam:  The biggest challenges tend to be people related rather than technical.  It's always helpful to receive additional training and experience in fields outside of medicine that help you to relate to people in different ways. These experiences outside of medicine have shaped me the most as a physician leader.

CALTCM: How has CALTCM impacted your practice?

Dr. Lam: CALTCM has been an important promoter of leading change in long term care.  CALTCM is led by people who shape care throughout California, and who are amazing resources for any physician looking to improve care and their teams.  I have learned a lot from my colleagues at CALTCM.