Meet Dr. Janice Hoffman

Dr. Hoffman is a consultant Pharmacist at S+AGE in Sherman Oaks.  She is also the Director, Postgraduate Residency Program, Jewish Home for the Aging, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists-CA Chapter- President, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration, Western University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Interview with Dr. Hoffman:

CALTCM: Please give us a brief background of your training and practice setting and years in practice.

Dr. Hoffman: Pharm.D. degree from the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy  (1988)  Residency in Clinical/Administrative Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacy Practice with an emphasis in Geriatrics from the University of Maryland at Baltimore  (1989)

Certified Geriatric Pharmacist  x 5 years. Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy  (CCGP) Excellence in Geriatric Practice Award 2014  (international recognition as there are only 2500 CGP around the world) I have practiced in a variety of settings for the past 26 years, SNF, ALF, Director of Pharmacy Services at free standing psychiatric hospitals and the last 6 years in academia servicing the Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging and S+AGE Clinic. 

CALTCM: What are you passionate about in long term care?  How are you pursuing your passion?

Dr. Hoffman:  I am passionate about decreasing polypharmacy as best possible to provide the highest quality of life for my patients. I get excited to plan a tapering regimen of a psychiatric medication or to be able to discontinue medications no longer needed or just simplifying a regimen to improve compliance. Working with the physicians at S+AGE clinic is fantastic because I can impact the medication regimen at the prescription writing level.

CALTCM: What advice would you give to a new graduate contemplating a career in long term care?

Dr. Hoffman: Practicing in geriatric pharmacy is challenging and rewarding - Geriatric patients are the most complicated cases as they have end stage of multiple disease states, see multiple physician specialists and are on a complex regimen of medications. As a pharmacist working as an interprofessional team member, I find it's very satisfying to have a collaborative relationship with providers that result in simplified and safer medication regimens that often are less expensive with better outcomes.  My advice is to consider LTC if you like a challenge and want to feel fulfilled by helping patients and families as well as facilities.

CALTCM:  What additional training do you wish you had that may help with your current practice?    

Dr. Hoffman: I think my training was great for my career path –Doing a residency in psychiatry/neurology has been very beneficial. I wish I had sat for the Certified Geriatric Exam earlier to have fully used my knowledge.

CALTCM:  How has CALTCM impacted your practice?

Dr. Hoffman: CALTCM has connected me with many Physicians and Nurse Practitioners to collaborate on a variety of projects to keep my career exciting.  I feel very honored to work with these great providers.