HSC §1261.4 (AB 749) Compliance: What Does it Take?

As required by California Legislation HSC §1261.4 all nursing home medical directors in California must be certified by the American Board of Post-Acute and Long Term Care Medicine (ABPLM). HSC §1261.4 (previously AB 749) will help ensure that every medical director in California is prepared to provide effective oversight of quality and safety in their nursing homes.

What Does it Take?

The road to becoming a Certified Medical Director starts with education. 

  • CALTCM’s Leadership and Management in Geriatrics (LMG) course will help you fulfill the requirement to obtain certified medical director management hours in addition to needed CME hours.

  • The Online Core Curriculum is the first part of the Core Curriculum, covering 22 critical areas impacting PALTC leadership and management.

  • The Core Synthesis is composed of dynamic lectures, spirited role plays, case-based discussion, and small group breakouts.

Register for LMG taking place virtually on June 6-8 at: https://www.caltcm.org/learn-about-lmg-2024

Check out Core Curriculum at: https://apex.paltc.org/page/core-curriculum-on-medical-direction