CALTCM Wave Wellness Corner

Dear CALTCM Colleagues,

Welcome to the kickoff of the WAVE Wellness Corner! This new feature is a product of the CALTCM Wellness Committee and has been a year in the making, so we’re excited to share the first edition with you.

A little background … The Wellness Committee was formally approved by the CALTCM Board in early February 2020. Recognizing the increasing challenges in geriatric care and burnout among long term care physicians, clinicians and teams (even before Covid-19), we felt it was time for a proactive effort to support our members. Little did we dream that a pandemic would ravage our nation and impact our patients, staff, colleagues, families and ourselves to the extent that it did. 

Fast forward 16 months and the major impact of Covid-19 is thankfully behind us, but the need for resilience, recovery, and renewal are greater now than ever. With that in mind, our committee has created a “Moving Forward Together” campaign focused on addressing the unique needs of our members as we move ahead now. 

In concert with the “Healing Together” campaign created by AMDA’s Behavioral Health Advisory Council, our Wellness Corner logo reflects a systemic effort on both state and national levels to re-equilibrate, creating opportunities for reflection, dialogue, healing and growth. Ultimately, our focus is on renewing resilience and re-engagement with the joys of our life and work.

Looking forward, the Wellness Corner will focus on a specific topic related to Resilience each month over the next year, which will provide an opportunity for sharing unique and thought-provoking resources, articles, and ideas. 

In order to best address the needs of our members, we have created a brief survey, which will take no more than a few minutes to complete. We would greatly appreciate your time and participation, as this will help make our work more consistent with your needs. Results will be reported in the WAVE later this year. The survey can be accessed at

Finally, we would like to share a fabulous, free resource from UC Berkeley: The Greater Good Science Center

This website is chock full of interesting and inspiring articles, materials, courses, podcasts and a plethora of “good things” contributing to Wellness that we think you’ll enjoy. Make sure to check out their monthly “Happiness Calendar”.


On behalf of the Wellness Committee, thank you for your time and support as a member of CALTCM. We look forward to your thoughts, suggestions, and contributions to the Wellness Corner!


Pat Bach
Patricia L. Bach, PsyD, RN
Chair, CALTCM Wellness Committee