Covid-19 Training Video Series: Brought to you by the California Partnership to Improve Dementia Care
by Jennifer Birdsall, Ph.D
Chair, Education Committee of Dementia Partnership
Clinical Director, CHE Behavioral Health Services
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for every aspect of our day to day routines.  This is especially true of those living with dementia. 

The California Partnership to Improve Dementia Care is pleased to present the following webinars to address the additional challenges that COVID-19 has brought to both staff and residents. 

Optimizing Dementia Care in the Era of Covid-19

This video reviews the history of the Covid-19 Pandemic in US long-term care facilities and discusses current guidance on best practice recommendations for patient and staff provider care and infection control procedures. 

Activities for Persons with Dementia During Covid-19

This video discusses creative ideas to increase pleasant events for patients during the pandemic during a time when formal recreational activities and social events have been canceled.  It focuses on a person-centered care approach.

Tips for Reducing Wandering During Covid-19

This video provides a brief introduction to the common triggers for wandering behaviors in patients with dementia and reviews an individualized care plan approach to addressing those triggers in order to reduce wandering behaviors and improve infection control.

Reducing Emotional Distress in Patients with Dementia During Covid -19 

This video reviews the new psychosocial stressors caused by the pandemic and how these may increase emotional distress in residents with (and without) dementia.  Non-pharmacological interventions are reviewed to address and reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, fear and anger.

Supporting Family Members of Residents in LTC - Covid -19

This video discusses ways to best support family and friends of residents in the facility as they are unable to visit in-person, as well as how to support positive communication between staff and family members.

Coping During a Pandemic: Support for LTC Staff

This video discussed stress management coping skills for healthcare workers and strategies to stay resilient during this stressful time.

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