CALTCM Prepares for the Challenges Ahead in Post-Acute and Long-Term Care

by Timothy Gieseke, MD, CMD

Last July, your Board of Directors (BOD) met in Monterey to review what we have accomplished over the last few years, and plan for our future so that we are able to help our members adjust to a our very dynamic and changing health care environment.  Key trends include: aging population and workforce, new CMS regulations and payment models, more ancillary providers, higher care expectations (dementia care, behavioral health, reducing 30 day readmissions), and more residents with morbid obesity and or serious mental health problems. Technologic factors have been challenging such as: adoption of EHRs by facilities and providers, secure information sharing, and telemedicine.

At CALTCM, we have addressed some of the above issues through our CME meetings, the WAVE newsletters, Collaborations with other organizations (CCCC, CAHF, HSAG, etc.), broadening of our membership (NP as past president of our organization), Leadership and Management in Geriatrics (LMG) courses, and grant developed projects like CALTCM SNF 2.0® (INTERACT implementation & leadership training) and Music and Memory.

In this context, after hours of discussions at our retreat, the BOD unanimously approved and proposes an update to the Mission and Vision statements, with associated values and principles. Together they reflect our commitment to engage, inspire, and help our members become quality leaders across the long-term care continuum.  

Mission:  CALTCM advances high-quality care and patient safety across the post-acute and long-term care continuum through interprofessional leadership and education.

Vision:  California’s quality leaders bringing excellence to post-acute and long-term care.

Values:  We value a geriatrics approach to care, which includes:

  • Respect for patient goals and preferences
  • Interprofessional team-based care
  • Comprehensive chronic disease assessment and management
  • The integration of evidence-based practice with person-centered care
  • A just culture

Principles:  CALTCM is the organization of choice for all long-term care professionals providing:

  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Mentorship
  • Innovation
  • Ethical care
  • Patient advocacy

With the above clarity, we will be making incremental changes in everything we do, as we look forward to helping you bring excellence to those entrusted to your care.

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