Call for Posters for Annual CALTCM Meeting!

I have found one of the most educational and enjoyable aspects of our annual meeting to be taking in the individual research projects that are completed and presented in “poster” form during our annual meeting. The presenters in the past have been very diverse: from distinguished academic researchers to medical students; from DONs to CNAs; from PharmDs to pharmacy students.

How does one go about creating and presenting a poster at our meeting? Since I really wanted to become further involved with this process, I asked for and received a “mentor”; someone who has much experience in this realm, and can help “walk me through” the particulars.

I would encourage anyone who has any interest in sharing a “best practice” or a research project to reach out to the CALTCM board; we will be delighted to set you up with a mentor to help you go about presenting it!

It is only through sharing of our clinical knowledge and experience that we can continue to improve the quality of care for our residents!

Click here to learn about the Poster Session guidelines and abstract needs.