CALTCM 2018 CME at the Bedside
by Timothy Gieseke MD, CMD

It's summer and I’m admitting more patients for rehab due to vacation coverage. Lately, many of my admissions have had an exacerbation of COPD. There are now many options for assessing the severity of COPD and for treating it. I’m grateful for our digital syllabus of this year’s annual meeting, which had the slides from Dr. Michelle Zeidler’s comprehensive evidenced based approach to this complicated subject. As she said in her talk, many of our patients with COPD receive substandard care for their condition and come to us with a plan that we can improve. With that in mind, I reviewed her presentation and now have some ideas on how I might better care for my recent admissions.  

At CALTCM, we want to partner with you in your efforts to improve the care you provide your patients. For this reason, we are making a PDF available of this excellent talk.  

Here’s to a cup of “Jo” and a time of cognitive stimulation.  
Click here to access Dr. Michelle Zeidler’s COPD presentation at the CALTCM 2018 Annual Meeting .