Disaster Preparedness at our Annual Meeting

by Timothy Gieseke, MD, CMD

Late last year, I wrote an article for the WAVE about my experience as a clinician during the Santa Rosa Apocalypse.  That article caught the attention of a palliative care leader on the East Coast because of her experience with Hurricane Irma as an out of area concerned relative.   We are now preparing a Webinar on this subject for the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (http://coalitionccc.org/)

Regional disasters are becoming the new norm.  CMS expects us to be prepared for the likely disasters in our communities.  I am so pleased that Jocelyn Montgomery will be presenting on this topic at our annual meeting; she is an expert on this subject and a passionate teacher.

As I have been preparing for my Webinar, I am impressed by how many issues should be addressed in a facility disaster plan.  As a non-expert, this is a preliminary checklist I have developed for the CCCC webinar.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes.  Come to our annual meeting and hear from an expert.

See you there,

Tim Gieseke MD, CMD