Updates For Busy Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Therapists and Other Clinicians (and Curious Administrators) On The Go!

by Albert Lam, MD

Saturday mornings at our CALTCM Annual Meeting are geared to deliver high yield updates for the clinician on the go.  Our planning committee is excited to offer six superb high yield updates separated into two back to back sessions.

The first half of the morning spotlights neurologic and rehabilitation care in post acute and long term care.  Dr. Randall Espinosa, clinical professor of geriatric psychiatry at UCLA, will be reviewing the types of dementias seen in nursing homes and connect the diagnosis with options for management and guidance for advance care planning.  After that, UCLA neurorehabilitation specialist Dr. Michael Su will update us on the latest in acute stroke management and how we should respond in nursing homes. Rounding out the 3 early talks will be physiatrist Dr. Lawrence Miller.  Dr. Miller will be reviewing common reasons for rehab in nursing facilities and we’ll learn about how to set reasonable goals in these situations.

The second half of the morning continues with a talk with USC pharmacist Dr. Janice Hoffman on why and how to carry out antimicrobial stewardship in nursing homes.  Disasters seemed to be the theme this past year with fires raging across the state. Learn how to prepare for disasters with Jocelyn Montgomery, RN, former Director of Clinical Affairs at the California Association of Health Facilities.  Finally, COPD management continues to be a significant risk for rehospitalization from the nursing facility. Our final Saturday morning session talk will be COPD updates and understanding how to have advance care planning discussions around COPD from UCLA pulmonologist Dr. Michelle Zeidler.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the CALTCM Annual Meeting!

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