Introduction to CURES 2.0 (Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation)

by Janice Hoffman, PharmD, CGP, FASCP

As most of you are aware, CURES is a data information system that tracks Class II through V controlled substances dispensed in California. Online access to CURES, allows authorized prescribers and pharmacists to review information of dispensing via Patient Activity Reports (PAR) in an effort to identify drug abuse and/or diversion through accurate and rapid tracking of Schedule II through IV controlled substances.(1)  In 2014, over 3.5 million PAR requests were processed. (1,2) The upgraded software should make it faster and easier to investigate a PAR in a more “real-time” basis and computer systems will need to be compatible with this data system. All pharmacists and prescribers must register by 1/1/2016.

To register and obtain access to CURES, prescribers and pharmacists must (3):

(1) submit an application form electronically (3); and
(2) mail a notarized copy of their printed and signed Application Confirmation, along with copies of the following supporting documents: Drug Enforcement Administration registration certificate (prescribers only), medical or pharmacist license, and a government-issued photo identification (1,3)





Click here to view the June 30, 2015 OAG CURES 2.0 Soft Launch and Phased Rollout