2014-2016 Slate of Officers

At the November 2, 2013 CALTCM Board of Directors meeting, our 2014-2016 slate of officers and committee chairs was proposed by nominating committee and approved by the BOD.  The term will run from our annual meeting in May 2014 until the annual meeting in 2016. The positions will become official after the annual meeting membership meeting at the Omni in Los Angeles on May 2, 2014. 

Our congratulations and thanks to these leaders who have graciously agreed to serve our organization:

President:                                                                           Debra Bakerjian, PhD, GNP

President-Elect:                                                                  John Fullerton, MD, CMD

Vice President:                                                                   Timothy Gieseke, MD, CMD

Secretary:                                                                           Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD

Treasurer:                                                                           Paul Duranczyk, LNHA, FACHCA

Chief Executive Officer:                                                       Dan Osterweil, MD, FACP, CMD

Education Committee Chair:                                                Timothy Gieseke, MD, CMD

Education Co-Chair:                                                             Rebecca Ferrini, MD, CMD 

Policy & Professional Services Committee Co-Chairs:         John Fullerton, MD, CMD

                                                                                             Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD

Membership & Marketing Committee Co-Chairs:                 Glenn Panzer, MD, CMD 

CALTCM Wave Editor-in-Chief:                                            Jay Luxenberg, MD

CALTCM Wave Associate Editor:                                         Donna R. Williams, RN

Nominations & Elections Committee Co-Chairs:                   Tim Gieseke, MD, CMD

                                                                                              Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD

Bylaws Committee:                                                                Terry Hill, MD, CMD


Staff positions approved:

INTERACT Program Director                                                 Mary Gessay, MSRD, MBA, CPHQ, ORSCC

Association Manager:                                                             Barbara Hulz

CALTCM is on the lookout for new members of our committees and Board of Directors for 2014.  If you are an active member of CALTCM and interested in serving, please contact the executive office or any of the leaders listed above!