Dolly Greene
Dolly Greene is a registered nurse with a BSN and one who is nationally board certified in infection prevention and control. She is the co-owner of Infection Prevention & Control Resources where she provides intense training classes for nurses in long-term care facilities throughout California on a monthly basis. Dolly has worked in the field of infection control for over 27 years and has been involved in long term care for over 30 years. Dolly has been a valuable partner with CALTCM to help the PALTC community minimize the impact of COVID.
She is a member of APIC (Association for Professionals in Infection Prevention & Control), and served as the Chair for their Long-term care section for 2 years. She is also part of the APIC Consulting faculty for trainings in LTC. Dolly was one of the creators of an infection control training program for Infection Preventionists in LTCFs in California. She collaborated with public health officials in California along with the California Association of Health Facilities to present this first-time 2-day training in 2012. This program is now an annual event which takes place in several venues in California.   
Dolly has spoken at conferences and conventions for various organizations addressing nurses and physicians throughout the United States. Dolly is one of the co-authors of the APIC Infection Preventionist’s Guide to LTC which was released in 2013 and the latest version just released in 2019. 
Dolly was the 2013 recipient of the SHEA (Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America) Advanced Practice IP Award which was given to her at ID Week October, 2013 in San Francisco.  Dolly joined CALTCM's BOD in September 2020.