COVID-19: CALTCM in the News

A list of news articles featuring CALTCM members:

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MSNBC Rachel Maddow Interview with Dr. Michael Wasserman (04/24/2020)

NPR: Discharging COVID-19 Patients To Nursing Homes Called A 'Recipe For Disaster' (4/20/2020)

CNN with Michael Holmes: (4/19/2020)

CNN with Anderson Cooper: (4/8/2020)

North Bay Business Journal: How retired physicians are stepping up to help North Bay hospitals battle the pandemic (04/08/2020)

Los Angeles Times: Consider pulling residents from nursing homes over coronavirus, says county health director (4/7/2020)

Los Angeles Times: As coronavirus tears through nursing homes, families face an impossible choice (4/1/2020)

Los Angeles Times: California Orders Skilled Nursing Facilities to Accept Coronavirus Patients  (4/1/2020)

CBS News: Woman couldn't say goodbye to mom who died from coronavirus at New Jersey nursing home (3/31/2020)

Kaiser Health News: Coronavirus Patients Caught In Conflict Between Hospital And Nursing Homes (3/30/2020)

Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus Outbreak in LA County Nursing Homes (3/30/2020)

New York Daily News: Repeat after me: Old people are not disposable, not during the coronavirus crisis or ever (3/27/2020)

The Washington Post:  Geriatricians’ advice on what older adults need to do in coronavirus pandemic (3/27/2020)

Skilled Nursing Home News: As COVID-19 Surges, Lack of Tests Complicates Nursing Homes’ Decision to Admit or Deny  (3/26/2020)

LA Times: Hospitals, nursing homes battle over who should house elderly patients amid pandemic (3/25/2020)

McKnight's: A Mantra in Wake of Coronavirus: Stay home and save a life (3/11/2020)

NBC News: Coronavirus is nursing homes' 'greatest threat' in years. Here's what they must do. (3/10/2020)