CALTCM Mentorship Program

Supporting present and future leaders in Post-Acute and Long-Term Care is a core principle to achieving the Mission and Vision of CALTCM. As such, CALTCM is introducing the CALTCM Mentorship Program, a unique mentorship program designed to support and develop our present and future leaders.

CALTCM introduced the Mentorship Program during the CALTCM Summit for Excellence in April 2019. Our top-notch mentors are paired with applicants to take their careers to the next level. This is an exclusive benefit for CALTCM members, another great reason to join CALTCM.

About Mentorship

In simple terms, mentoring is a relationship in which an individual shares professional expertise, experiences and support for a less experienced colleague to enable that colleague to achieve their full potential.

Mentoring, when done effectively, creates a partnership between two individuals—the mentor and the mentee. The goal of the mentorship program is to provide support for the mentee and allow them to have an opportunity to meet with their mentor and discuss/share successes and concerns, and identify areas for improvement.  CALTCM hosted mentor and mentee specific webinars to prepare them for their roles.

Please contact the CALTCM office with interest in participating in the CALTCM Mentorship Program or click and download the application today and submit it to [email protected].

Meet the Mentors: