Living in the Moment by Dr. Elizabeth Landsverk

I have benefited from Dr. Landsverk teaching on optimal dementia care by her participation in the California Partnership to Improve Dementia Care, and through her teaching presentations at CALTCM meetings.  She is a seasoned geriatrician in Northern California who has focused on the care of persons living with dementia through a house calls practice.  She has now condensed her thoughts on living with dementia in a way that our patients and caregivers can understand and support.  This is a very balanced approach that identifies the common difficulties associated with living with declining cognition, with a focus on maximizing the remaining capacities.  When this is done, the quality of life for everyone improves and there can again be joyful living.  I highly recommend this book as a very practical way for patients and caregivers to navigate the challenges associated with progressive dementias.

This 2022 book is available on Amazon and many other book selling websites.  

This is a link to the audio version narrated by Dr. Landsverk (who is an excellent speaker).

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