2022 Call for Posters

All health professionals who work with older adults in post-acute and long-term care are eligible.  To that end, please share this opportunity with your IDT members and professional colleagues.

Why submit a poster for the 2022 CALTCM Summit for Excellence?

Besides the cost benefit of one presenter, per accepted poster, receiving a free annual meeting registration, there are several professionally rewarding benefits to presenting a conference poster.  Sharing your research or professional work during a poster session is a great way of informing like-minded colleagues about your research or strategies for innovation and quality improvement in long-term care settings – ultimately aiding in the further dissemination of your efforts and serving as input to inform, influence and pave the road for new and/or related bodies of work.  

Collegial connections and creative thinking are also big wins.  While there is a Q&A opportunity at the end of oral presentations, in-depth discussion may be stilted by time or difficulty engaging fully in front of a crowd. In contrast, discussions with your colleagues during a poster session allows you to engage more fully in interesting and dynamic discussions.  This active engagement and networking with colleagues interested in your work is a huge plus of poster sessions.

Speaking with your colleagues about your clinical ideas also provides the opportunity for feedback, sources to spark inspirational ideas, and hearing new perspectives that can help you take your research or quality improvement efforts to the next level.  Receiving safe and supportive feedback from your colleagues and other experts in the long-term care industry is invaluable.  

We encourage you to submit your poster presentation abstract now!

To submit a poster presentation abstract, please go to the following link: https://www.caltcm.org/call-for-posters

If you are interested in a mentor, please email [email protected] or call (888) 332-3299