COVID-19: CALTCM Updates

by Flora Bessey, Pharm.D., BCGP

In preparing and responding to the COVID-19 crisis, CALTCM has been conducting and continues to schedule a series of webinars discussing various aspects of this situation. The link to the previous webinars can be found on our website (links provided below). Please mark your calendar for every Monday at 4PM PDT to take part in the webinars “live.”

In addition, CALTCM has been working with state legislators to reconsider the all-facilities letter that was recently promulgated by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) delineating that SNF’s must accept (or readmit) patients that are positive for COVID-19, click here to view CDPH ALF 20-32. The resolution that is being considered (in partnership with California State Senator Stern) would enable a more nuanced approach to this mandate, and would take into account several factors that would be facility-specific, including but not limited to: ability to isolate these patients; access to appropriate personal protective equipment(PPE); staffing concerns. 

Finally, in these challenging times, it is vital that we rely upon our professional knowledge and training, and go back to basics! Infection control is obviously even more vital!

  • Hand-washing is vigorously scrubbing for 20 seconds AFTER soaping the hands;
  • Don’t send patients out to the hospital unless absolutely necessary;
  • Cover your cough and/or sneeze;
  • DON’T go to work if you are sick!
  • Also, be mindful of our staff and colleagues; as Dr. Swati Gaur said on her recent webinar, it is helpful to have staff “town halls” to address any concerns, and mitigate fears.

If you and your facilities have any other best-practices, please share!

We are all on the front lines and in this together.

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