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CALTCM Vaccine Implementation Delphi Team

The Delphi process is well known in the field of geriatrics, and CALTCM has used this approach to successfully develop recommendations that have influenced effective policy at the federal, state and local levels.  The modified Delphi process provides structured communication utilizing email and survey technology, iterative feedback, and informed expert discussions to guide the development of novel, person-centered guidance statements.

Our primary focus at this time is to develop educational materials to help reduce vaccine hesitancy amongst long term care staff. We will also be providing guidance to the federal and state governments on opportunities to improve logistical and operational success. 

There is an abundance of evidence pointing to a significant degree of vaccine hesitancy amongst nursing home staff, which could lead to inadequate vaccination in long term care facilities.  As such, the CALTCM Vaccine Delphi group is proud to offer the following tools.

COVID-19 Visitation Recommendation

COVID-19 Vaccine Webinars

COVID-19 Vaccine: Answers to Your Questions:
A Presentation for Staff and Residents in Post-Acute and Long-Term Care
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 COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation in Nursing Homes:
Increasing Vaccine Confidence: A Guide for Facility Leadership
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CALTCM Vaccine Implementation Delphi Team Documents

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