Annual Meeting Schedule
Stronger & Smarter:
Innovation and Collaboration in Post-Acute and Long-Term Care
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Friday, May 18, 2018 - Afternoon Session

11:00 A.M.
Registration/Exhibits Open
11:45 A.M.
Lunch Product Theater (No CME)
1:00 P.M.
Welcome & Introductions
1:10 P.M.
Opening Comments
1:15 P.M.
Creating an Organization that People Want to Join
Moderator: Deb Bakerjian, PhD, APRN, FAAN, FAANP
2:50 P.M.
3:20 P.M.
Promoting Relationships That Heal and Get Things Done
Moderators: Rebecca Ferrini, MD, MPH, CMD and KJ Page, RN-BC, LNHA
4:55 P.M.
Q & A Panel
5:30 P.M.
Updates in Post-Acute & Long-Term Care
6:00 P.M.
CALTCM Poster Session & Reception
6:00 P.M.
Exhibits Close
7:00 P.M.
Dinner Product Theater (No CME)

Saturday, May 19, 2018 - Morning Session

7:00 A.M.               
Exhibits Open
7:00 A.M.
Breakfast Product Theater (No CME)
8:00 A.M.
8:05 A.M.
Diagnosis and Management of Dementia in PA/LTC Settings
Randall Espinoza, MD, MPH
8:35 A.M.
Updates in Acute Stroke Management and What it Means for PA/LTC Patients
Michael Su, MD
9:05 A.M.
Rehab Expectations for Common PA/LTC Situations
Lawrence S. Miller, MD, FACP
9:30 A.M.
Q & A Session #1
9:50 A.M.
10:20 A.M.
Antimicrobial Stewardship
Janice Hoffman, PharmD & Elizabeth Akhparyan, PharmD
10:50 A.M.
Disaster Preparedness
Jocelyn Montgomery, RN
11:20 A.M.
Update COPD
Michelle R. Zeidler, MD
11:50 A.M.
Q & A Session #2
12:10 P.M.
Lunch Break/ Exhibits

Saturday, May 19, 2018 - Afternoon Session

12:10 P.M.        
CALTCM Lunch: Leadership Award and Lecture (CME Event)
CALTCM Awards (Best Practice & Poster Session Awards)
1:25 P.M.
Regulatory & Policy Landscape
Alex Bardakh, MPP, PLC
2:25 P.M.
2:55 P.M.
Overview of Palliative Care
Lisa Seo, MD
3:15 P.M.
Decisional Capacity / Advance Care Planning
Paul Schneider, MD, FACP
3:45 P.M.
Perspective from a Palliative Nurse Practitioner
Leah Morriss, RN, FNP, MPH, MS 
4:05 P.M.
Perspective from the Hospice Team
Cindy Keenan
4:20 P.M.
Panel Discussion: Parsing the POLST (Case Vignettes)
Moderator: Vanessa Mandal, MD, MS, CMD; Panel: Lisa Seo, MD;
Paul Schneider, MD, FACP; Leah
Morris RN, FNP, MPH, MS; and Cindy Keenan.
4:50 P.M.
Closing Comments/Evaluations
5:00 P.M.