2019 Annual Meeting Schedule Preview
2019 CALTCM Summit for Excellence
Leading the Future of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care


Friday Afternoon: April 5, 2019

When Discharge is Not an Option: Analyzing a Risky Situation (4.5 credits)

  • Pre-Test
  • Risk Management Skill Building
    • Skill 1: Lifting the Legal Fog
    • Skill 2: Reviewing & Writing a Policy that Doesn't Make it Worse
    • Skill 3: Assessing Decision Making Capacity: It's not that Hard
    • Skill 4: Documenting in a Way that Shows You Care
  • Risk Management Team Building
    • Skill 5: Care-Planning Making it Realistic
    • Skill 6: Alignment of the IDT: Bringing Different People Together
    • Skill 7: Teaching Staff to do the Right Thing 
  • Post Test

Saturday Morning: April 6, 2019

Hot Topics: On the Front Lines - Clinical Updates (3.5 credits)

  • New Approaches to Delirium; Jay Luxenberg, MD
  • Managing Parkinson’s in the SNF; Indu Subramanian, MD
  • Expert Guidance on Common Infections in LTC Environment; Thomas Yoshikawa, MD
  • Medically Illicit Drugs Being Used Therapeutically in the Elderly; Janice Hoffman-Simen, Pharm.D., EdD, APh, BCGP, FASCP
  • First, Do No Harm: The New Beers List; Vanessa Mandal, MD, MS, CMD & Margherita Aikman, RN, BSN, PharmD
  • Reducing Hypoglycemic Risk in Diabetes Care; Timothy Gieseke, MD, CMD
  • Hypertension: Comparing JNC 8 and ACC/AHA Guidelines; Vanessa Mandal, MD, MS, CMD & Margherita Aikman, RN, BSN, PharmD
  • Chemotherapy in the SNF; Rebecca Ferrini, MD, MPH, CMD
  • Anticoagulation in Seniors; Margherita Aikman, RN, BSN, PharmD

Saturday Afternoon: April 6, 2019

Navigating Healthcare (3.0 credits)

  • Regulatory Update; Kerry Weiner, MD, MPH
  • Public Policy Update; Alex Bardakh, MPP, PLC
  • Preparing for the Next Firestorm; TBA
In the Trenches: Roundtable Sessions  (Topics & Speakers)
  1. Motivational Interviewing; Patricia Bach, PsyD, RN
  2. The Joy of Medicine: Avoiding Burnout; Ashkan Javaheri, MD, CMD
  3. Medical Apps & Technology; Jay Luxenberg, MD
  4. Avoiding Medical Related Citations; Janice Hoffman-Simen, Pharm.D., EdD, APh, BCGP, FASCP
  5. Compassion Fatigue and Moral Dilemmas; Christopher Olson, MD
  6. Billing & Coding; Alex Bardakh, MPP, PLC
  7. POLST and Palliative Care;Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD, HMDC
  8. Antibiotic Stewardship; Peter Patterson, MD, MBA, FCAP, FACMQ
  9. Creating an Appealing Workplace: Staff Retention Strategies; TBA
  10. How to be Competitive with MAPD; TBA