Planning for Success

by Tim Gieseke MD, CMD

As a person on the front line assisting facilities caring for patients of increasing medical complexity and disability, I’ve often seen facilities react to patient care problems that develop rather than developing care processes proactively that may prevent or minimize them. It’s challenging to take the latter approach given our limited resources, staff turnover, and high volume of care with shorter lengths of stay of our post-acute patients.

When I have been discouraged doing this work, I have consistently found encouragement, renewed passion, and new ideas by attending CME meetings sponsored by CALTCM and AMDA. This Fall CME Saturday morning CALTCM meeting will provide timely and practical education that addresses pressing problems in our facilities. In addition, you will be encouraged and energized by the networking opportunities at this meeting with faculty and attendees on the cutting edge of the quality improvement community in our state.

Now is the time to register and reserve your place at this important meeting.  Click here for program details.

At CALTCM, we look forward to helping you be successful in the coming year.