EOLOA Webinar

The End of Life Option Act (EOLOA) has been in effect in California since June 2016, and the California Department of Public Health released information for the first six months, that included just fewer than 200 patients who were qualified for physician aid-in-dying, with about 175 doctors participating and 111 known deaths from ingestion of the prescribed medications. Of the patients who qualified, 90% were white and 96% had insurance. To our knowledge, none of these ingestions occurred in skilled nursing facilities.  Clearly in 2017, many more patients have participated.

The Coalition for Compassionate Care of California is hosting a webinar about the first year of the EOLOA, presented by their Director of Consulting Services, Dr. Lael Duncan.  This promises to be an excellent resource for CALTCM members and other WAVE readers who want additional information on the topic.  This will include specific information about some of the medication combinations that are being prescribed in California, and policies on opting in and opting out of the Act.  Later this month, a meeting of statewide leaders in bioethics and palliative care will reconvene in Sacramento to discuss and explore best practices, controversies and other aspects of the Act.  Stay tuned for further information, but meanwhile for the latest update, please sign up for the CCCC's webinar with Dr. Duncan.